Historically the first sports games for people with mental health problems EVENTS were attended by 7 representatives rom Fokus Praha and Fokus Mladá Boleslav in Athens, Greece. From September 21 to 23, they competed in traditional disciplines such as football, tennis, volleyball, trekking, running, biking ... but they also tried fresh sports such as capoeira, firsbe, thai chi, TRX together with people from 14 other countries across Europe and from Turkey. All in a wonderful atmosphere that organizers from the Greek organization EDRA, together with all the participants, were able to create.

As an enthusiastic participant form Portugal says to the organizers: "Many congratulations, you have been able to materialize the dream of bringing together people and countries with common goals - to have more mental health, to have fun, to socialize, to be more active. This was a big step towards showing governments and policy makers that physical activity and sports are key factors for living and healthy and happy life."

Thank you to the athletes who represented us and look forward to the next event in 2019!