All Fokus Associations come out of the same methodology concept. We tend to reach modern trends of the community based psychiatry care that are applied abroad. We get ourselves inspired by their new approaches and we adjust them to our conditions. Our aim is to apply and disseminate the whole life approach leading to recovery of people with mental illness. The system of continuous professional training of our workers serves this purpose.

We carry professionalism and expertise in the field of community based care and we continuously keep on training professional public in this area.

We do it by means of the following activities:

  • Programmes and courses of our Education centre of Fokus Praha

Education centre offers professional internships and study visits, participates in research of community based care and provides professional courses both for lay persons and professional public.

  • Study visits and internships in the Czech Republic and abroad

Frequent target of study visits is a model workplace of WHO situated in Trieste, Italy and other places with the examples of  the best practices.

  • Organizing conferences and seminars

For example organizing the 3rd conference CARe Europe in Prague - „From social exclusion to inclusion - a challenging social enterprise”, CARe being a European network enhancing recovery and social inclusion. It associates organizations working in the field of Mental Health Care (MHC) in 17 European countries.

  • Education training and prevention programmes for schools

For example the project called „Crazy? So what!“ focusing on mental health support at schools targeting people young from 15-25 years, refer to:

For example the international project “Old challenges, new pathways” (OCNP) focused on sharing experience and good practice in social integrative enterprises.

  • Organizing seminars and lectures of foreign professionals

For example the seminar chaired by the known professor and psychiatrist Roberto Mezzina - Trieste,  Will Hall – USA.