The substantial part of Fokus Associations services and activities is the fulfilment of needs of people with mental illness experience by means of a comprehensive system of the community based services.

By means of our services and activities we have become guides of people on their life paths by helping them to address problems of health care, independent living, working opportunities, education, crisis management, leisure activities, social relations and finance.

Our community services work with resources available directly in a given community and with knowledge of local environment. They are based on a holistic humanistic view of a man, taking into account his needs. We provide services on the basis of an individual approach, we believe in recovery,   the recovery principle being the basic credo of provided support. We want people with mental illness to live in their natural living environment without the necessity of long-term isolation in an institutional setting.

We strive for a care system with a proper balance between general and specialised services while the basic principles are met:

  • Outreach nature and mobility of services provided
  • Multidisciplinary teams and thereby interconnection of social and health care
  • Services accessibility available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Local accountability for particular region
  • After-care and coordination of services and informal resources within a community
  • Utilisation of natural resources in the closest environment of clients
  • Respect and non-stigmatizing approach

We initiate establishment of Mental Health Centres that will meet the official standards and at the same time the Fokus working principles.  Current Fokus Associations are sort of experimental laboratories for transfer of a modern approach into psychiatric care system which is fixed in recent times and enforces old-fashioned care methods.

We currently provide the following services types:

  • Case management primarily focused on outreach services
  • Crisis response services
  • Daily activity centres
  • Psychotherapy and psychology outpatient care
  • Daily centres and psychotherapy programmes
  • Social rehabilitative workshops
  • Supported living services
  • Centres of employment support and programmes.