Fokus ČR is a platform gathering 11 independent organizations Fokus - NGOs working in 7 districts all over the Czech Republic. The first Fokus Associations have been established in the beginning of the nineties as a reaction to situation in the field of psychiatric care. This was mainly based on identification and consecutive seclusion of people with mental illness in high- capacity institutions, in conditions not respecting human rights and freedoms.

Our vision is to support people with mental illness experience and enable them live in their natural environments, in a family, in a community, workplace, in close contact with their closest people and in cooperation with professionals from health care, social services, employment services, education and leisure activities.

We believe in recovery, we believe in capability of people to live quality lives independently, and to have opportunities to make decisions concerning themselves, their life roles and treatment. The vital criterion for our services is to fulfill the needs of each particular person.

We have at our disposal a plentiful experience based on 25 years of own activities and close cooperation with foreign partners and professional. We are long-term members of international organizations and platforms inspiring us by best practice examples.

We actively participate on Czech psychiatry care reform strategy. We promote and constantly apply modern trends in our services and proven procedures coming from abroad. Our aim to which we strive is a community care system based on:

  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Terrain work
  • Services accessibility
  • High quality and professionalism.

We constantly keep on supporting self-help activities of people with the experience with severe mental illness, we seek opportunities for utilization of their unique abilities and education, and we invite them to participate in our peer programs but also in educational and preventive programs for youth.

We strive for reducing the stigma of people facing mental problems, we organize discussions, meetings with  professionals and general public. We actively contribute to professional and laic media, create de-stigmatization PR campaigns, initiate common activities and happenings with partner organizations and associations.

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 CeskeBudejovice Fokus České Budějovice
 karlovarsky Fokus Karlovarský kraj
 Labe Fokus Labe
 Liberec Fokus Liberec
 MladaBoleslav Fokus Mladá Boleslav
 Opava Fokus Opava
 Pisek Fokus Písek
 praha1 Fokus Praha
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